Toledo Bend Topographical Map with GPS

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Toledo Bend Topographical Map with GPS

Toledo Bend Topographical Map with GPS

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Toledo Bend Topographical Map with GPS

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A great topographical map for Toledo Bend. Local guides were consulted and the information in the GPS table of hot fishing spots on Toledo Bend is worth the cost of the map. You also get information on flooded road beds, bridges, creek channels, river channels, flooded ponds and much more.

The topographical fishing map of Toledo Bend is full color and water resistant for years of use. It folds up neatly and can be kept in the boat.

Toledo Bend is a very large lake on the border between Texas and Louisiana. This lake has been a favorite location for many Texas black bass tournaments. It is about 65 miles long and has about 1200 miles of shoreline! The lake is full of submerged timber and has many bays and coves. Black bass and crappie are abundant. Marked boat lanes are provided for passage through the submerged and standing timber. The map has GPS numbers for fishing spots, marinas, boat ramps, and other locations.

Toledo Bend Fishing Points of Interest

  • Pendleton Bridge
  • River Bends for Striper & Crappie
  • Stewart's Ridge
  • James Boat Lane
  • Stewart's Bass Area
  • Corsey Creek Area
  • Wilson Creek Area
  • Mason Creek Area
  • Negreet Creek
  • Patroon Bayou and Roadbed
  • Patroon Bay
  • Blue Lake
  • Brushy Slough
  • Big Branch
  • River Bass Holes
  • Grannie's Creek Flats
  • Tenaha Flats
  • Tucker's Lake
  • Ten Acre Flats

About This Toledo Bend Topographical Map

  • All GPS data is included on the map, so nothing else is needed.
  • Table of GPS coordinates of hot fishing spots, for all species, according to local guides. Because of this, you are able to find the best fishing spots.
  • Local interest info. Locations and phone numbers to restaurants, emergency services, lodging and more. So you are always   prepared.
  • The entire map is a GPS grid. As a result, you can easily navigate to any spot on the map using GPS coordinates.
  • Shows submerged roads, ponds, creeks, bridges, breeding pools and other structure to help you find fish.
  • Folds to 9″ x 12″ size and stores easily in the boat. 
  • Approximate size is 37″ x 25″.
  • Shipped next business day

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  • Big Branch
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