Lake Falcon Topographical Map with GPS

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Lake Falcon Topographical Map with GPS

Lake Falcon Topographical Map with GPS

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Lake Falcon Topographical Map with GPS

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This is an excellent topographical map of Lake Falcon for fishing because of its many features. These tested and true topographical maps feature incremental depths as a result of much research. The Lake Falcon Topographical Map shows all relevant underwater structure clearly so you can find your way around the lake easily. Road beds, creek beds, submerged bridges, breeding pools and more are clearly marked so you can easily navigate to them. This means you will always be on the fish. The entire map has GPS coordinates so it is like one large grid.  You can see a spot on the map and put your boat right on top of it as long as you have some kind of GPS on the boat. Even if you don't have GPS on your boat, the map can be used visually with precise accuracy.

About Lake Falcon

Lake Falcon is surrounded by Starr and Zapata Counties on the Texas side and by the city of Nueva Ciudad Guerrero on the Tamaulipas side. Because the lake is the product of the construction of the Falcon Dam to provide water conservation, irrigationflood control, and hydroelectricity to the area, it is an important feature for the area.

 The International Boundary and Water Commission, established in 1889, maintains the border, allocates river waters between the two nations, and provides for flood control and water sanitation. The lake is named after María Rita de la Garza Falcón. The town of Falcon (displaced by the creation of the reservoir) was named after her as well.

Lake Falcon is stocked with fish species that are intended to improve  recreational fishing and fish stocked in the reservoir include largemouth bass, crappie, catfish, and channel catfish.

Top Fishing Spots on Lake Falcon

  • The Ridges
  • Intake Hump
  • Tiger Hump
  • Pierce's Cove Underwater Bridge
  • Elephant Rock
  • Veleno Point
  • Diablo Point
  • OPEC Cove
  • Coyote Hump
  • Oscar's Rocks
  • Salado's Rock Wall
  • ... and more!

Lake Falcon Topographical Map Features

  • Table of GPS coordinates of hot fishing spots, for all species, according to local guides. Because of this, you are able to find the best fishing spots.
  • Local interest info. Locations and phone numbers to restaurants, emergency services, lodging and more. 
  • The entire map is a GPS grid. As a result, you can easily navigate to any spot on the map using GPS coordinates.
  • Shows submerged roads, ponds, creeks, bridges, breeding pools and other structure to help you find fish.
  • Folds to 9" x 12" size and stores easily in the boat. 
  • Approximate size is 37" x 25".
  • Shipped next business day

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  • Coyote Hump
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