Lake Amistad Topographical Map with GPS

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Lake Amistad Topographical Map with GPS

Lake Amistad Topographical Map with GPS

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Lake Amistad Topographical Map with GPS

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Our Lake Amistad Topographical Map has lots of useful information. Since the early 2000s, Amistad has been know for big numbers of quality bass at most any time of the year. This is an excellent fishing map of Lake Amistad. This Lake Amistad Topographical Map features all depths of the reservoir.

On this Lake Amistad Topographical Map you will find

  • All GPS data is included on the map, so nothing else is needed.
  • Table of GPS coordinates of hot fishing spots, for all species, according to local guides. Because of this, you are able to find the best fishing spots.
  • Local interest info. Locations and phone numbers to restaurants, emergency services, lodging and more. 
  • The entire map is a GPS grid. As a result, you can easily navigate to any spot on the map using GPS coordinates.
  • Shows submerged roads, ponds, creeks, bridges, breeding pools and other structure to help you find fish.
  • Folds to 9″ x 12″ size and stores easily in the boat. 
  • Approximate size is 37″ x 25″.
  • Shipped next business day

We ship these maps to the same professional fishermen (and women) that you see on TV winning tournaments. This map will give you a really good start at having a successful fishing trip on Lake Amistad.

Top Fishing Spots on Lake Amistad

  • Rough Canyon
  • Slaughter Bend
  • Devil's Lake
  • Miller's Cove
  • Byran's 454 Cove
  • Airforce Ramp Ledge
  • Island Drop
  • Old 277 Road Bed
  • San Pedro Creek
  • California Creek
  • California Hump
  • Evans Creek

The entire map has GPS coordinates, so if you can see a spot on the map, you can put your boat right on top of it as long as you have some kind of GPS on the boat. Even if you don't have GPS on your boat, the map can be used visually with precise accuracy.

Lake Amistad is located in Val Verde County, Texas, United States and Acuña Municipality, Coahuila, Mexico. It is fed by the Rio Grande and the Devils River and drains into the Rio Grande.

Not only will you find largemouth bass in Amistad, but also smallmouth bass and Guadalupe bass and nice catfish will be found in the deeper channels.

Lake Amistad Data

64,900 surface acres
Max depth: 217 ft.
Elevation: 1117 ft.

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  • Air Force Ramp Ledge
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