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About Us

Remember just a few years ago when people said that shopping online was “the future”? The future is here. Online commerce has gotten huge.

We all purchase online and we love it when things go smoothly and we’re able to look at the experience and either really enjoy it or, simply, not be concerned with it at all because things went perfectly. 

I am an online shopper. It’s convenient and in many cases it saves money. I am one who really enjoys seeing everything go smoothly and I enjoy making a purchase online that I know was a good decision, one where value is involved.

When I guided my company into the world of commerce, my only goal or demand placed on myself was that we were going to do it right or not at all.
 I detest the fact that so many times when we buy online the order sits for two or three days before it is packed and shipped. You wouldn’t go to the store, pay for a shirt, then allow the clerk two or three days to bag it so you can leave the store. OK, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but my point is that if I order something, I expect it to get to me as soon as possible, not sit in a warehouse or on a loading dock for days before it is even considered “in transit.”

We’re not some huge conglomerate. We are a small business. When you call us, you do not get someone in a foreign country who repeats your question then reads to you from a computer screen. You get me or my better half, Judi. We handle your order, problem or question right then and there.

When you order from any of the Brightside Marketplace family of web sites, your order is shipped by the next business day, period! I can’t promise you that there are no exceptions to this rule, but we ship 99% or more of our orders next business day.

If we have a product that you would like to own, buy it. You will see that my words are not just words, but they are actions that we perform each and every day. We really are out to surpass your expectations.
Thank you for visiting this Brightside Marketplace web site.

We appreciate you stopping by and we appreciate your current and future patronage.

Scott Hazard-Owner

Brightside Media, LLC

PO Box 944
Mineola TX 75773

937-TEXAS11 (839-2711)